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End-to-end encryption

SEGULINK protects your data both during transmission and on intermediate cloud storage. All data is encrypted by the sender before it leaves your device and is uploaded onto external cloud storage. Only the recipient can decrypt the information.

Your data is secured by state-of-the-art cryptography algorithms on the entire transmission path!

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Use your existing accounts

It is not necessary to create a new application account for SEGULINK only. Use your already existing accounts. You can authenticate e.g. with your existing Google account against SEGULINK.

You do not need to remember an additional password!

With your browser and as desktop app

You only need a current version of a browser, in order to use SEGULINK. If your organization orders to use a not-supported browser - or if presumed by your security requirements - you can also connect to SEGULINK by a Chrome app and by a standalone desktop app for Windows and OS X.

SEGULINK exclusively operates with modern HTML5 technologies. There are no plugins required. Therefore SEGULINK also works on your tablet or smartphone.

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Easy handling

Use your dashboard for an overview about which files have been sent to you, or what you have sent to other participants. Directly go to your inbox, the key management or get a summary about former activities in the reporting center.

Hybrid Cloud integration

Use the internal data storages of your company or your own cloud storage, e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. The administrator defines which cloud storages are allowed. In either case your data is never sent unencrypted onto external cloud stores.

Keep control even after sending

Define exchange rules, e.g. how often a message can be downloaded, when a message is obsolete or that the recipient can only view the transferred documents inside the SEGULINK application (for PDF documents).

Ad-hoc data exchange

Your employees and business partners are able to exchange files and messages, even without registration with SEGULINK. Every authenticated user has an individual upload area for business partners.

Direct transfer

Files and messages can be transferred directly from application-to-application. Of course sender and recipient must be connected to SEGULINK for this. Even for direct transfers, all data is first encrypted by the sender and only the recipient can decrypt the transfer.

Project rooms for secure group communication

You can not only transfer messages and files between single or multiple recipients. There is also the possibility to setup project rooms for the communication between a group of recipients. Only members of a project room can upload and download encrypted files.

Controlled communication

Compliance for your data exchange: keep the overview about what has been sent and received. With the audit trail functionality all transfers and relevant user actions are recorded auditable by SEGULINK. Of course only the administrator is allowed to open the application wide audit trail log. For project rooms the assigned moderator can open the room-specific audit trail entries.

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