Web App

Access SEGULINK with your web browser. It is necessary that you use a current version of the listed web browsers. We recommend using Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera or Vivaldi for best support of all functionality of SEGULINK.

Google Chrome / Chromium
version 45 or newer
version 37 or newer
Mozilla Firefox
version 42 or newer (*)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
version 10 or newer (*)(**)
Microsoft Edge
all versions (*)
Apple Safari
version 9 or newer (*)(**)
version 1.6 or newer

(*): No direct transfers
(**): Enterprise mode required for Internet Explorer 10 and Apple Safari

Progressive Web App (PWA)

SEGULINK can be installed as a PWA in any compatible browser on any platform. This gives you improved integration of SEGULINK's functions into your system environment and increases the level of security.

Microsoft Windows
version 10 and newer
Apple OS X
version 10.14 and newer
Chrome OS
version 90 and newer
Web App with Google Chrome browser
version 90 and newer
Apple iOS
Web App with Google Chrome browser (version 90 and newer)
or Safari Browser (version 11 and newer)

Desktop App

The Desktop App provides the most secure environment for working with SEGULINK. You get a standalone application, which is distributed by an easy-to-use installer. There are no more libraries, runtimes or plugins required.

Use the Desktop App for highest security requirements or if you cannot work with one of the supported browsers. We recommend using SEGULINK as PWA.

Microsoft Windows
version 7 or newer
Apple OS X
version 10.9 or newer
on request

Outlook Add-In

The add-in allows the use of SEGULINK services directly from your Outlook client. The add-in is installed either individually or in your organization centrally by the Exchange administrator.

Both the installed versions of Outlook and the Office 365 online version are supported.

Microsoft Windows
version 7 or newer (*)(**)
Apple OS X
version 10.9 or newer (*)(**)
Office 365
current version (*)(**)

(*): Outlook client version 2013 or newer; browser requirements of SEGULINK web app apply
(**): server: Exchange 2013 or newer, Exchange online